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Residential conveyancing is the legal process whereby ownership of a residential property is transferred from one person to another.

Most commonly, conveyancing involves the buying and selling of property, although it also covers other transactions such as the granting of a mortgage. Residential property law is complex and the residential conveyancing process can be a daunting one for those entering into it. At Wilford Smith we aim to eliminate the stress of buying or selling your home by offering an incredibly personal, high level service from initial inquiry to the completion of sale.

Why do you need a conveyancing solicitor?

Conveyancing is required for the buying and selling of residential property. For any purchaser or seller, this will be a major transaction often running into hundreds of thousands of pounds, and in many cases more. The conveyancing process involves a significant amount of legal paperwork which will be handled by a conveyancing solicitor. They will work with their client to draw up and process the required documents to enable the legal title of the property to be transferred from seller to buyer. To ensure that your transaction goes smoothly it is vital to choose a conveyancing solicitor with the required expertise and attention to detail to safely guide you through the conveyancing process.

Wilford Smith offers a comprehensive professional service to guide you through the buying or selling of your home. 

What is the process of conveyancing?

The residential conveyancing process can be long and complicated. It will usually begin with the seller’s solicitor making a request to obtain a copy of the registry entry of the property. A contract for sale will then be prepared by the conveyancing solicitor acting on behalf of the seller, who will include in this the relevant information from the property’s registry entry. Once the contract has been drafted it will be sent to the solicitor acting for the buyer.

The buyer’s solicitor will then carry out a number of checks on the property. This is done by applying for a number of searches to be carried out by local authorities, water authorities and other search providers. Solicitors acting for both parties will raise any legal queries they may have at this stage to ensure the terms of the contract are satisfactory for their respective clients. Once agreement has been reached, the sale can be completed. The final stage of the conveyancing process is called the “exchange of contracts”. This is the point of the transaction when the property officially changes hands, after which the sale is concluded and neither party can retract from the sale.

As well as the buying and selling of houses, residential conveyancing covers a number of other transactions related to residential property. A conveyancing solicitor will be able to advise you on services such as:

How long does the conveyancing process take?

Every conveyancing transaction is different and consideration will need to be given to a host of factors before an accurate timeframe can be given for your purchase or sale. If you are buying a house and the seller has vacated the property, the sale may be completed more speedily. Similarly, if you are selling your home and the buyer has secured a mortgage this could lead to the sale being finalised relatively quickly. In cases where the property is still to be vacated, and a mortgage is still to be secured, the exchange of contracts will often take between 4 and 6 weeks. Following this, completion will normally take a further 2 to 4 weeks, meaning that a purchase or sale will often take up to a total of 10 weeks to finalise.

What service does Wilford Smith provide?

For many people, the buying or selling of property will be one of the most important transactions they will enter into. For non-lawyers, the complicated nature of this process and the significant sums at stake can make this seem overwhelming. To ensure your transaction goes as smoothly as possible it is essential to find a residential conveyancing solicitor with the expertise to provide the professional advice you need. At Wilford Smith, our experienced team have the knowledge and skills necessary to complete your transaction successfully.

For us, client care is always our primary focus. Our residential conveyancing solicitors provide our clients with a professional service covering all areas of buying and selling property, as well as all other areas of residential conveyancing. We will ensure thorough analysis of documentation so that your transaction is completed quickly and effectively, and we are always on hand to answer any queries you may have at any stage. We appreciate that our clients want to be kept informed on the progress of their purchase or sale. To ensure this, your solicitor will keep you up to date with any developments so that the conveyancing process is completed efficiently. Through our high level of Client Care, we aim to make the process of buying or selling property as quick and stress-free as possible.

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