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“On every occasion, I have engaged the services of Wilford Smith and without fail they have given me a service that is second to none. Their knowledge and expertise together with the ability to retain the country’s best barristers have made my life a lot easier.

I would not hesitate to use Wilford Smith again and recommend their services to anyone who finds themselves in difficulties. So much so they are now on my speed dial!" Mark, Doncaster

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Why Turning a Blind Eye Will Not Protect Directors from a Fraudulent Trading Claim

Company directors have a range of duties and responsibilities when it comes to representing and promoting their company. A recent court case serves as a useful reminder that directors must not act dishonestly and that, by turning a blind eye...

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Coronavirus: Buying and selling houses is still possible in a crisis situation

There is a lot of confusion and conflicting information about whether or not the conveyancing market is effectively ‘on pause’ during the current pandemic. In this article, we summarise the current position (as at 1 April 2020). On 26 March the...

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Covid-19 Update

During this time of uncertainty and turmoil, with lots of companies shutting offices due to COVID-19, our work still continues.

At Wilford Smith it is ‘business as usual’ and our Business Continuity Plan along with our infrastructure allows us to continue operations.