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At Wilford Smith, the commercial agreements work that we do is at the heart of our corporate legal services. The solicitors at Wilford Smith regularly advise clients in relation to commercial agreements. We have many years of experience providing general commercial law advice to single companies as well as global corporate groups. Whatever sector you specialise in, you can be sure that you will receive strategic, reliable, commercially-focused advice from our team of commercial agreements solicitors.

Experienced Commercial Agreements Lawyers

We regularly advise business clients in respect of a broad range of commercial agreements, including those concerning:

Many of the transactions on which we advise are complex, requiring bespoke, novel and often sensitive commercial agreements that fit the particular requirements of the parties involved. Thanks to our multi-specialist approach, our commercial agreements solicitors can provide support across a comprehensive range of commercial contracts, including those with a multi-jurisdictional component.

Once your commercial agreement has been drafted, our solicitors will ensure that you are fully informed regarding the implications and obligations that are contained within it. We can provide essential support when it comes to implementing your agreement and advise on the necessary steps that should be taken to achieve this.

We appreciate that businesses are increasingly moving towards the technology sector. Our progressive and forward-thinking approach means that our commercial team are ideally placed to advise companies specialising in innovative and uniquely designed products, ensuring that their agreements incorporate sufficient protections for intellectual property rights to avoid disputes arising in the future.

Distribution agreements

Distribution agreements allow businesses to appoint independent distributors to purchase and resell their products, typically in a specified geographical location. Our commercial agreements lawyers can act on your behalf to draft an agreement that covers:

  • The basis of the agreement – establishing whether the distributor has exclusive rights to sell the product or whether similar agreements can be put in place with other distributors
  • The geographical region covered by the agreement
  • Duties/obligations of supplier/distributor
  • Purchase targets
  • Purchase price for goods covered by the agreement
  • How/when the agreement will end

Supply agreements

Our commercial agreements lawyers work with a diverse range of commercial clients to ensure that they have robust contracts in place for the supply of their goods and services. We can assist in matters such as:

  • Incorporation of terms and conditions
  • Warranty and indemnity protection
  • Limiting liability
  • Transparent pricing structures and effective securing of payment
  • Protecting intellectual property rights
  • Varying and terminating supply agreements
  • Up-to-date advice on the application and effect of consumer legislation

Contact our Commercial Agreements Solicitors

The specialist commercial agreements lawyers at Wilford Smith will work with you to ensure that your interests are always protected, delivering clear and pragmatic advice to help you pursue your commercial ambitions. We will take the time to understand your business and what drives you, enabling us to provide you with commercial agreements that meet your specific needs.

Speak to a member of our team today by calling 0808 164 1028 or complete our online contact form to find out how we can help.