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There are a host of circumstances which can result in partnership disputes, even when a business is running successfully. At Wilford Smith, we appreciate the need to resolve disputes quickly to prevent any disruption and uncertainty affecting employees, customers, other stakeholders, and the partners themselves.

While a carefully-drafted partnership agreement can act as an effective means of resolving disputes, unforeseen or complex issues may mean that there are no provisions in place for this. Whatever the nature of your partnership dispute, our lawyers can support you to achieve consensus while protecting your personal and professional reputation. Get in touch today.

Partnership disputes solicitors

The partnership disputes lawyers at Wilford Smith have a breadth of experience in commercial litigation and dispute resolution. We are supported by commercial and corporate practitioners, enabling us to deliver a full and comprehensive service in handling your partnership dispute. Our team will work on your behalf to reach a swift conclusion, avoiding business stalemate and allowing all parties to move forward.

We regularly advise in disputes concerning:

  • Boardroom decisions
  • Business strategy and structure
  • Rights and responsibilities of partners
  • Exit and retirement packages
  • Shares of profits or losses
  • Partner misconduct
  • Fraud
  • Discrimination
  • Partner liability
  • Removing a partner
  • Dissolving a partnership

How can we help resolve partnership disputes?

From the outset, we will work to achieve early dispute settlement in a manner that avoids expensive and drawn-out litigation. In pursuit of this, we are here to help resolve these matters through effective and confidential methods such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Our solicitors can guide you through this entire process carefully, ensuring that you are fully informed regarding your options at all times.

Unfortunately, court action will be inevitable with some disputes. If this is the case, we have a team of highly experienced litigators who are ready to fight on your behalf. We have a strong track record representing individuals and businesses across England and Wales, with top-level skills and a commercially-focused approach. Additionally, our lawyers can take instruction in cases with a multi-jurisdictional component.

How is a partnership dispute settled?

If alternative dispute resolution has been unsuccessful, a determination will be made by the court. The size and complexity of the dispute will determine whether the case is heard in the county court or the High Court, as well as the length of time litigation will take.

Before a claim can go before the court, reasonable attempts must be made to resolve the dispute. If this is unsuccessful, proceedings will be issued. The claimant must issue a claim form providing details of their case. The defendant will then indicate whether they intend to defend it.

Relevant documents and evidence must be disclosed to the other party, and a date will be set for trial. This will mainly involve oral hearings where the solicitors for the parties will put forward their client’s case. After the trial ends, the judge will make a decision. In some situations, an unsuccessful party will be able to lodge an appeal.

Contact our Partnership Disputes Solicitors

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