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The term “probate” is used to describe the process of administering the estate of someone after they have died. This process will involve collecting monies that are due to the estate, paying any outstanding debts owed, selling property and distributing the rest of the estate in the manner set out in the Will.

The period following the death of a loved one is always a very upsetting one, and the process of dealing with the person’s legal affairs is often an added stress and burden for family members and close friends. The Estate Planning Solicitors at Wilford Smith offer a comprehensive service in all areas of estate planning, provide practical and easy to understand legal advice at this difficult time.

Selling and transferring another person’s property after their death can be more complicated than the normal conveyancing process, involving different procedures from those used to complete other property transactions. An example of this is the requirement that a Grant of Probate has been issued, this being an official document that is required by organisations such as banks and insurance companies to enable the executor to have access to the person’s assets. Any disputes relating to the Will, as well as issues relating to Inheritance Tax, must also be considered. Wilford Smith’s Estate Planning Team can advise throughout this process.

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