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The counterfeit goods market can easily lead to unsuspecting companies or individuals becoming the victims of fake goods supply. If you do find yourself falling victim of the supply of counterfeit goods you need to be able to conduct the most robust case to prosecute.

The specialist criminal solicitors at Wilford Smith are highly skilled and experienced in prosecuting for individuals, companies, organisations and charities. We have an enviable reputation for excellence in advocacy and litigation.  We regularly support clients who have been the victims of fraudulent activity involving the transactions of goods and intellectual property and our solicitors can take instruction from the earliest stage to initiate proceedings and provide top-level legal advice for your prosecution to succeed. To discuss your specific circumstances, call us on 0808 164 1349 or complete our online contact form.

Counterfeiting and forgery specialists

Counterfeiting and forgery cases can be extremely complicated. They typically involve activities relating to the production of fake items that are then presented as genuine.


Counterfeiting is the process of creating replicas of legitimate items with the intent of passing them off as the original. Many such cases involve items being produced en-masse, such as designer goods or money. Due to the amount of technical skill required to manufacture counterfeit products, counterfeiting is considered separately from other types of forgery. Items that are commonly the subject of counterfeiting operations include:

  • Electronics
  • Clothing, handbags and watches
  • Cigarettes
  • Music
  • Toys


Forgery involves making, copying or using a false instrument with the intention of deceiving other parties. A ‘false instrument’ can include a signature, document, banknote or other objects of value, for example, a piece of artwork. Materials that may be the subject of forgery include:

  • Passports
  • ID cards
  • Driving licenses
  • Contracts
  • Legal certificates, e.g. birth, marriage or death certificates
  • Bank cards
  • Cheques

Why private prosecution?

A primary reason for prosecuting these cases is deterrence. Punishing and putting the guilty parties out of business, whilst also deterring others from continuing to trade in the same way. Prosecutions target the individuals responsible for the supply of counterfeit goods, who may hide behind the company set up to carry out such operations.

However, budget cuts and competing priorities limit the number of cases that can realistically be investigated and prosecuted by statutory authorities. Therefore, private prosecutions are becoming increasingly common to prosecute. Private prosecutors are able to retain a more considerable amount of control over the prosecution, allowing them to resource it appropriately, select their own lawyers, and decide what charges to bring. In addition, information and intelligence gained as part of one prosecution can assist in prosecuting others.

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Our experience in this area of law is vast, we have up-to-date skills and knowledge when it comes to prosecuting cases involving the selling of counterfeit goods online, particularly those arising from sales made using internet auction sites. Our solicitors are fully aware of the developing nature of this type of crime and take all necessary steps to remain comprehensively informed about legal developments in this area.

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