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If you are convicted of a drugs offence, the consequences can be extremely serious. Many such offences carry custodial sentences, while the reputational damage for those found guilty can be traumatic, having to confront family, friends and employers with this damaging information. TheCriminal Defence Solicitors at Wilford Smith specialise in the area of law associated with drugs offences, from possession or supply to the most serious types of offences such as drug trafficking.

From the earliest stage of any investigation, our team take a proactive approach by providing our clients with the highest quality advice to ensure that their rights and interests are protected, that investigations and police interviews are carried out in a proper and fair manner, while pursuing the best possible outcome in any case. By contacting one of Wilford Smith’s specialistCriminal Defence Solicitors at the earliest possible opportunity, you can be sure that you will be kept fully informed. Our team will explain to you the various stages of the investigation and how the matter will progress, and will provide you with the highest quality legal advice in respect of the options available to you at each stage. If you find yourself charged with a drugs offence, call us immediately to find out how we can help.
Drugs offences and the law

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 sets out much of the law on drugs in England and Wales. It is a criminal offence to possess most banned substances, the seriousness of the offence being dependent upon the type of substance in question and the defendant’s involvement with it.

Illegal drugs generally fall into one of three categories or classes: class A, class B and class C. Class A drugs include heroin, cocaine and ecstasy, class B drugs include cannabis and amphetamines, while class C drugs include some types of tranquillisers and steroids. Offences involving class A drugs are normally considered to be the most serious.

The nature of a defendant's involvement with an illegal substance, in many cases their reason for being found in possession of it, will also prove a determinant factor in how the authorities choose to deal with a case. In most instances, simple possession of an illegal substance will be considered a less serious offence, while possession with intent to supply will attract more substantial penalties. Offences such as importation, exportation or production of illegal substances will be treated as particularly serious, attracting substantial custodial sentences following a conviction.
What does it mean to “supply” drugs?

A charge of supplying drugs is essentially one of drug dealing. The law considers the basis for this charge the intention of one person to supply a controlled substance to another, and encompasses a broad range of circumstances. While some believe that the passing of small amounts of drugs between friends, perhaps without payment, is not an offence, this is not the case. Those involved in this type of behaviour can be prosecuted for the supply of drugs, or with possession with intent to supply.

When it comes to hearing a case, the court will look to a number of factors, such as the quantity and type of drugs being supplied, before deciding whether the case will be heard at the Magistrates’ Court or the Crown Court. Also relevant will be whether the case is one of actual supply, offering to supply or possession with intent to supply, or whether there are other surrounding circumstances that mean the case is aggravated. The particular nature of the offence will also influence the sentence if the prosecution is successful.
Contact our Drug Offences Defence Solicitors in London, Sheffield and Manchester

We understand how stressful it can be to face drug offence allegations. Wilford Smith's experiencedCriminal Defence Solicitors are committed to providing a high-level service for our clients. We will work tirelessly to conduct a robust defence on your behalf. When facing charges of this nature, you need to make the right decisions from the earliest stage of any investigation. Our team of solicitors appears in court on a regular bases, providing representation from the first hearing through to trial. We take pride in our reputation for unique representation, giving our clients a service that is exceptionally strategic and results driven, and can attract the highest calibre barristers to provide support when necessary.

Our Criminal Defence Solicitors are based in London, Sheffield and Manchester, and assist clients throughout England and Wales. Contact us today on 0808 168 5813 to find out how we can help.


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