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Speeding is a particularly common traffic offence in the UK, with tens of thousands of motorists being required to attend court on speeding charges every year.

Many people who receive notification of a speeding charge assume this to be an ‘open and shut’ case, having been caught by detection devices that they believe offer irrefutable proof that they have broken the law. This is categorically not the case as there exist numerous legal and technical grounds on which defences to speeding charges can be conducted. Accessing quality legal advice as soon as possible provides you with much-needed reassurance at a difficult time, and will also help you to plan your defence in the most effective way.

Wilford Smith Solicitors’s Criminal Defence Solicitors provide legal representation in relation to all types of road traffic offences. By calling on expert evidence, and by referring to procedural and legal documents as well as good practice guides, we are able to provide our clients with the best possible defence in relation to charges of speeding. Our team will work ruthlessly to develop high-level strategies through our skill, hard work and determination. We appreciate that contesting a driving conviction can be a confusing and stressful experience, as for many people this will be their first and only brush with the law. Contact our specialist Road Traffic Defence Team today to find out how we can help.
What is the law on speeding in the UK?

For standard vehicles, the national speed limits in the UK are:

30mph in built-up areas (20mph in some areas)
60mph on single carriageways
70mph (unless otherwise stated) on dual carriageways and motorways

If you are found to be travelling in excess of these speed limits you are breaking the law. Those caught speeding have the right to challenge any speeding accusations made against them and, if you are convicted of a speeding offence, you are entitled to lodge an appeal against your conviction.

Penalties for those caught speeding include a minimum three-point endorsement on your driving licence and, in the most serious cases, a full driving ban. To give yourself the best opportunity to overturn a conviction for speeding you will need to instruct a solicitor who specialises in road traffic offences.
What will happen if I am caught speeding?

The consequences of a speeding conviction will be different depending on the nature of the speeding offence. Those caught travelling marginally above the speed limit will usually receive a more lenient punishment than those who are found to be driving well above the limit – unless the driver in question is a repeat offender. Those charged with serious speeding offences may be subject to court prosecution, requiring them to present at court where they may be disqualified from driving.

As an approximate estimation, it is often suggested that those found to be travelling more than the speed limit by 45-50% run the risk of receiving a ban from driving. A ban may also be issued for those who are at risk of accumulating 12 penalty points or more within a three-year period. In most cases, those caught speeding will receive a Fixed Penalty Notice imposing a fine and three penalty points.

If you are a newly qualified driver you will be subject to a lower penalty points threshold. If you receive six or more penalty points in the first two years after you have passed your test, your licence will be revoked. You will need to re-apply for your provisional licence, and to pass both theory and practical tests again before you can recommence driving.
How will I be notified of a speeding fine or prosecution?

In the majority of cases, those caught speeding will receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution by post within 14 days of the alleged offence. You will be required to respond to this notification within 28 days to provide information as to who was driving the vehicle at the time. This will include the name, address, and date of birth.

Once you have responded to the Notice of Intended Prosecution, there will be a period of time before you receive a summons from the court. You will receive a Single Justice Procedure Notice, at which point you should seek to instruct a solicitor with experience in road traffic offences.

Challenging a speeding conviction can be a complicated process and one that may require you to appear at court. As such, it is vitally important to receive the best possible guidance to ensure you are able to conduct as robust a defence as possible. Speeding prosecutions can be defended in a number of ways. Wilford Smith Solicitors’s expert solicitors will use their skills and experience to scrutinise all evidence put forward by the prosecution to establish the best grounds on which to mount a challenge.
Why choose Wilford Smith Solicitors?

Our team of high-calibre Criminal Defence Lawyers are specialists in advising and representing drivers who are facing speeding convictions. We are a highly professional yet approachable team that strives to reduce any impact a speeding charge can have on our clients. Our solicitors will carefully analyse the evidence against you and prepare your case to the highest standard.
Contact our Speeding Defence Solicitors in London, Sheffield and Manchester

If you have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution for a speeding offence contact Wilford Smith Solicitors as soon as possible. We can help you get back in your vehicles and on the road as quickly as possible. Our criminal defence teams are based in London, Sheffield and Manchester and assist clients throughout England and Wales. Find out more information on our fees here. Contact us today on 0808 168 5813 to find out how we can help.


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