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Wilford Smith Solicitors YOUR MODERN LAW FIRM

Wilford Smith Solicitors was founded by Stephen Smith MBE and incorporated in 2017 but its history goes back much further. The firm was founded in 1981 and has now celebrated over 30 years in the profession becoming a most prestigious law firm with a richly deserved reputation for independence hard work and results.

Wilford Smith Solicitors provides quality legal services for both private and commercial clients. Our expert solicitors routinely provide advice on complex legal matters in a range of areas – our teams of estate planning lawyers and wills, lasting power of attorney, Trusts and probate solicitors, real estate lawyers, employment solicitorsimmigration / visa solicitorsinsolvency lawyers, divorce solicitors, commercial agreements lawyers and criminal defence lawyers can help you today. We can also help you with regulatory and compliance legal matters, reputation management and many other legal and commercial services. To find out more about our exceptional service, have a look at our client testimonials.

Solicitors for You and Your Business

Our teams of lawyers serve clients throughout England and Wales. Contact one of our expert solicitors today on 0808 164 4106 to find out how we can help.

On every occasion, I have engaged the services of Wilford Smith and without fail they have given me a service that is second to none.  Their knowledge and expertise together with the ability to retain the country’s best barristers have made my life a lot easier.

I would not hesitate to use Wilford Smith again and recommend their services to anyone who finds themselves in difficulties. So much so they are now on my speed dial!”

Mark, Doncaster

Criminal Defence

If you have been accused of a criminal offence you should seek expert legal advice to ensure your rights are protected. Getting access to the right legal representation at the earliest opportunity will not only give you much needed reassurance at a challenging time but will give your legal team time to plan the best […]

Private Prosecutions

A private prosecution is the initiation of criminal proceedings by a private individual or company. While such prosecutions were previously a relatively rare occurrence, this is now no longer the case. With funding restrictions affecting the capabilities of traditional authorities such as the police and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in pursuing all prosecutions, individuals and […]

Regulatory & Compliance

Failure to comply with the provisions found in the UK’s health and safety legislation can result in devastating consequences, both for those who work at or have dealings with a business, as well as for those who are ultimately responsible for a company’s compliance with regulatory schemes. For those found to have breached health and […]


Disputes, however they arise, can potentially cause severe damage for the parties involved. Whether you have found yourself involved in a dispute with your landlord, a neighbour or family member, or if your dispute has arisen in a commercial context, it is essential that you can call on the support of an experienced team of […]


At Wilford Smith, our experienced Solicitors can help with you with a range of tax matters. If you are looking for expert tax legal help, call us today on 0808 164 1028

Commercial Agreements

At Wilford Smith, the commercial agreements work that we do is at the heart of our corporate legal services. The solicitors at Wilford Smith regularly advise clients in relation to commercial agreements. We have many years of experience providing general commercial law advice to single companies as well as global corporate groups. Whatever sector you […]


Wilford Smith’s team of specialist Immigration Lawyers, with years of experience helping a wide range of clients successfully apply to live, work and study in the UK, are expertly placed to help you negotiate the British immigration system. Our Immigration Lawyers serve clients throughout England and Wales, providing them with the highest quality legal advice […]


Insolvency can be an extraordinarily complex and costly process for any individual or business, not to mention a time-consuming and stressful one. Whatever your circumstances, working quickly towards reaching an amenable solution is essential. The experienced insolvency solicitors at Wilford Smith are on hand to provide practical and commercial-focused legal support from the earliest stage, […]


Going through a divorce can create high levels of stress and emotion, especially if there are children involved. Having the support of a trusted team of specialist divorce solicitors can afford you much-needed clarity at an uncertain time, helping you to understand your options and protect your position over the coming weeks and months. The […]

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the legal process whereby a solicitor works with you to ensure your personal affairs are arranged in a way that suits you, both during your lifetime and after your death. With many years of experience in advising on estate planning, our team of solicitors know how important it is for our clients […]

Real Estate

At Wilford Smith, our experienced real estate Solicitors can help you with the following:- Commercial Conveyancing Property Development Residential Conveyancing Property Litigation If you are looking for expert legal help for your property transaction or dispute, contact us today on 0808 164 1028


Employers face a broad range of challenges when it comes to running their business and managing their workforce. As employment regulations continue to evolve, mistakes can prove costly for employers in the modern workplace. Having the support of an employment solicitor who can ensure your policies and contracts are in line with current laws is […]

Reputation Management

The reputation of your organisation may well be its most valuable asset, while at the same time being the most vulnerable to attack. There are numerous reasons why your reputation, or that of your business, may be targeted by third parties. Adverse publicity can arise from an ongoing investigation or court proceedings, while your business […]

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