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The reputation of your organisation may well be its most valuable asset, while at the same time being the most vulnerable to attack.

There are numerous reasons why your reputation, or that of your business, may be targeted by third parties. Adverse publicity can arise from an ongoing investigation or court proceedings, while your business may be undermined by competitors seeking to steal market share, or by unhappy customers or former employees. The proliferation of social media and online publishing mean it has never been easier for damaging, inaccurate or unlawful information to be distributed, with reputation management now being a primary consideration for many companies and individuals. You or your company may be subject to a newspaper story or television broadcast, or be targeted by an organised campaign conducted by protest groups. In such circumstances, you need high-quality, expert advice to prevent your brand suffering irreparable damage.

The solicitors at Wilford Smith regularly advise clients in relation to reputation management. Our team has for many years worked alongside the highest calibre PR experts, providing guidance to prominent individuals and businesses to help them protect and manage their reputation. Having established strong and effective working relationships with the most experienced PR professionals, we can provide you with a service that is exceptionally strategic and results driven, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Our Reputation Management Teams are based in Sheffield and serve clients throughout England and Wales. Contact us today on 0808 164 1028 to find out how we can help.