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While many cases of alleged criminal conduct will be investigated by the police and prosecuted by the Crown Prosecutions Service (CPS), there exists a number of investigating and prosecuting authorities that will take on this role when the offences alleged are of a particular type. These bodies have specific skills and knowledge that mean they are best placed to carry out this work, which will involve the preparation of a case file and the production of evidence, such as witness statements and expert reports.

Depending on the type of offence, criminal charges may still arise in the same way as would be the case following an investigation by the police, with a conviction resulting in fines, prison sentences and criminal records.

The Criminal Defence Solicitors at Wilford Smith have many years of experience supporting clients who are subject to investigation and prosecution by a range of bodies. We have the skills required to conduct a robust defence on your behalf, and an enviable reputation for advocacy and litigation should your case proceed to court.

We can offer representation in cases under investigation or prosecution by the following agencies, amongst others:


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