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The specialist sports solicitors at Wilford Smith can provide expert advice and strategic legal support for coaches, players, members and tennis clubs on all aspects of the Lawn Tennis Association’s (LTA) disciplinary processes. Whatever your circumstances, speak to one of our highly regarded Lawn Tennis Association lawyers today to find out how we can help.

Our Expertise

Our Lawn Tennis Association solicitors have extensive experience providing specialist representation for individuals and clubs accused of misconduct, including on-court and off-court breaches of the LTA’s Disciplinary Code and issues relating to safeguarding matters.

We have particular expertise when it comes to providing legal advice for professional players and coaches. Our solicitors appreciate that regulatory matters can generate negative publicity and adverse media attention – we always endeavour to handle cases with subtlety and discretion throughout, protecting your reputation and career at all times.

We can advise on matters including:

  • LTA constitutional documentation, rules and regulations
  • Disciplinary proceedings and appeals, including those before the Court of Arbitration for Sport
  • Anti-doping issues – WADA Code and anti-doping regulations and rules
  • Child protection issues

The Lawn Tennis Association’s Jurisdiction and Powers

The Lawn Tennis Association has jurisdiction for all disciplinary matters involving LTA members, including individuals, players and associates of the LTA such as club members and officers. The LTA also handles disciplinary proceedings involving officials, umpires, referees and employees. Supporters of players attending matches or training sessions can also find themselves the subject of LTA disciplinary proceedings.

Establishing Misconduct

The Lawn Tennis Association will look to determine whether an individual or club has engaged in behaviour amounting to misconduct by way of the LTA Disciplinary Panel and Appeals Tribunal. Misconduct is defined as:

  • Any breach of LTA Rules
  • Anti-doping Rule Violations
  • Breaches of LTA Regulations relating to match-fixing, betting and financial speculation
  • Violations of the conditions governing players set out in the LTA's Rules
  • Any conduct that is considered detrimental to the interests of the game of tennis

The LTA can put in place an interim suspension if an allegation, complaint or matter is brought to the attention of the LTA's Disciplinary Officer that comes within the LTA's disciplinary regime and is considered to be sufficiently severe. The suspension will last until the case is heard before the LTA's Disciplinary Panel.

The Lawn Tennis Association’s Disciplinary Procedures

For less serious misconduct offences, the LTA will utilise a Summary Procedure – for more serious misconduct cases, the Full Disciplinary Procedure of the Lawn Tennis Association will be used.

Our solicitors can provide strategic, proactive advice and representation at LTA Disciplinary Tribunals. Having the support of our specialist Lawn Tennis Association lawyers from the earliest stage can prove invaluable – at this hearing, the Disciplinary Officer will present all evidence, and the panel will make its decision on the balance of probabilities. Our solicitors, with top-level skills in advocacy and litigation, can conduct the most robust defence possible to any allegations made against you. Furthermore, we can call on the support of barristers of the highest calibre should your case require it.

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