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When a serious breach of health and safety regulations occurs, the result can be a criminal prosecution, with offences of this type being separated into two categories. These are summary offences, which are heard in the magistrates’ court, and “either way” offences, which can be heard in the magistrates’ court or Crown Court. Health and safety offences may be linked to a third category of offences known as “indictable only” offences, such as manslaughter, which can only be held in the Crown Court. Decisions will be made as to which court will hear an “either way” offence at a “mode of trial” hearing, with the sentencing powers held by each court playing an important role in this. If the offence being tried is particularly serious, it is likely the case will be heard in the Crown Court, which can issue longer prison sentences.

The specialist Regulatory and Compliance Solicitors at Wilford Smith have an enviable reputation for providing an exceptionally strategic service for our clients accused of serious health and safety offences. Our lawyers have a proven track record in advocacy and litigation and can call on the support of the highest quality barristers if required. We are committed to providing a high-level service for our clients by taking a ruthless approach to developing a top-level strategy to ensure the best possible outcome in any case.
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