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Compliance with the UK's health and safety legislation is a statutory requirement for those who perform the role of company director, with those who fail to properly carry out their duties putting themselves at risk of criminal prosecution. The authorities with responsibility for enforcing compliance with health and safety regulations are the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and local authorities. They carry out their functions with the intention of ensuring that all employees can perform their roles in a way that does not risk personal injury, and have repeatedly demonstrated that they will take a vigorous approach in prosecuting directors seen to have breached their duties.

Wilford Smith’s Regulatory and Compliance Lawyers are the right choice when it comes to providing legal guidance on directors' duties and liabilities, available to work closely with you and your company to ensure that you fully comply with all applicable regulatory frameworks, no matter the nature of your business. If an incident should occur in your workplace, our lawyers have the skills, knowledge and determination to work quickly in providing clear, straight-forward advice to offer you and your company protection as part of our exceptionally strategic and uniquely client-focused service. Should a criminal prosecution be forthcoming, our Regulatory and Compliance Solicitors, renowned for their skills in advocacy and litigation, can lead your defence in court, and can call on the support of the highest calibre barristers if necessary.

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