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A conveyancing transaction involving property or land that has not previously been registered with the Land Registry can lead to complications. A first registration with the Land Registry must be completed properly and without delay to ensure that no problems arise in the future.

If your property or land is not correctly registered, the title deeds are especially important, as without them an owner would have great difficulty proving their ownership. The Residential Conveyancing Solicitors at Wilford Smith have the required skills and expertise to offer you the legal support you need to complete a first registration in a swift and thorough manner.

If unregistered land or property is being transferred from one person to another, or if a mortgage is being taken out on unregistered land or property, there is now a requirement that it is registered at this time. The term “transferred” is broad in its scope, covering a purchase or sale, the gifting of land or property without any money being paid for it, or land or property left to someone in a Will. Once registration has taken place, ownership is recorded in the Land Registry’s Register of Title. This means that you can easily prove your ownership in the future, and any disputes regarding title can be easily settled.
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