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If you are a landlord or manage a House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) requiring a licence from the local authority, you can be subject to a fine if you rent out the property without having one in place.

The Residential Conveyancing Solicitors at Wilford Smith have many years experience in advising clients about HMOs and other properties affected by licensing requirements, from setting up an HMO to dealing with enforcement notices.

An HMO is a term relating to a rented property with shared facilities, such as a kitchen, bathroom or toilet. The following types of properties may require a HMOs licence for it to be rented out:

  • A house or flat, entirely rented out to three or more tenants forming two or more households.
  • A house entirely converted into bedsits, or other non-self-contained accommodation, let out to three or more tenants forming two or more households.
  • A converted house containing one or more flats that are not wholly self-contained, occupied by two or more tenants forming two or more households.
  • A building converted into self-contained flats where the conversion does not meet the requirements of the 1991 Building regulations.

For guidance on whether your property requires an HMO licence, or if you already have an HMO license and are looking for further information, speak to one of the Residential Conveyancing Solicitors at Wilford Smith.

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