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If you operate in the property development sector, you will be well aware that finance is a key component in ensuring that your project runs smoothly. To negotiate this, at times, complex and challenging area, it is essential that you get the right legal support at the earliest stage.

The Property Development Solicitors at Wilford Smith have many years experience acting for both borrowers and funders, offering valuable advice in relation to property development across a wide range of commercial and residential sectors. Our team can provide assistance with:

Conventional facilities secured on properties
Inter-group charges
Loan documentation advice
Deeds of priority between lenders
Perfection of security
Negotiation and preparation of security Certificates of Title
Delivery of finance solutions
Development and construction funding
Acquisition and investment funding
Joint ventures

The Property Development Solicitors at Wilford Smith are also aware of the cyclical nature of the commercial and residential property sector and appreciate that such projects can encounter difficulties in testing economic times. Out team are conscious of the fact that, in dealing with complex property or insolvency issues, matters sometimes require to be resolved through the restructuring of the ownership of property assets to ensure that lenders are satisfied. We are experienced in providing clients with strategic advice in such circumstances, taking a multidisciplinary approach by liaising with colleagues in other departments of our full-service firm.
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