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The property development team at Wilford Smith are committed to providing a service that is strategic, of the highest quality and enables our clients to carry out their business in a successful and financially sustainable manner.

With years of experience advising property developers, funders and occupiers across a wide range of sectors we are excellently placed to provide legal guidance in respect of your project. Our solicitors will work closely with you to understand how your business operates and what your commercial aspirations are, to ensure that your development agreement fits your requirements.

A development agreement sets out the work that a developer will carry out on behalf of a landowner and is fundamental in making sure that a development project runs as smoothly as possible. You need the right legal advice to ensure an agreement is reached at this time on key matters, such as future profit shares and cost sharing, to avoid disputes and costly legal actions arising in the future. Further, when drafting a development agreement, you need to be confident that this document satisfies the relevant legal requirements and that all terms and conditions of sale are included. The Property Development Solicitors at Wilford Smith are experts at preparing contracts, providing expertise in relation to development agreement negotiations for both developers and landowners, and reaching binding agreements on our clients’ behalf.
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