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When you are acquiring land for a commercial development you need to be certain that everything is as it should be before you commit to such a substantial investment. The Commercial Conveyancing Solicitors at Wilford Smith can advise on a wide range of matters associated with the acquisition and disposal of commercial freehold and leasehold properties.

Whether you are undertaking a standard land acquisition or a complex development deal involving many parties, our team can offer clear and strategic advice on matters such as option and planning agreements, conditional contracts and infrastructure agreements.

With many years experience handling land acquisitions and disposals, our legal experts can provide you with thorough and detailed guidance on the suitability of your prospective development site. By working closely with our clients to best understand how their business operate, their commercial aspirations and drivers, Wilford Smith’s Commercial Conveyancing Team is able to carry out investigations to establish that all planning and statutory approvals are available or can be obtained before commitment. Our solicitors will work on your behalf to make sure that the required accessing and servicing infrastructure is available or can be delivered, and to ensure that there are no third party rights or interests that could potentially obstruct your project, as well as carrying out any other relevant searches.
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