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A break clause is inserted into a lease to allow a landlord or tenant, or both, to end a lease prematurely. The terms of a break clause will be the subject of substantial negotiation before a lease is entered into, and in many cases these terms can prove one of the biggest obstacles to reaching an agreement.

When the terms of a lease are being drafted, it is vital that they are clear to ensure that disputes do not arise further down the line. A landlord will want to avoid their premises being left empty, while tenants will seek to ensure they are not paying rent on premises they are not occupying. The Commercial Conveyancing Solicitors at Wilford Smith have extensive experience preparing contracts, providing expertise in relation to lease negotiations for both landlords and tenants, and reaching binding agreements on our clients’ behalf.

Potential disputes can also arise when a landlord or tenant seeks to activate a break clause, as each party will have a number of obligations to satisfy before this can take place. Failure to comply with these conditions could see one party preventing the other from ending the lease early. Wilford Smith’s solicitors can advise on all obligations related to the activation of a break clause to ensure you will not be subject to litigation.
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