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Wilford Smith’s Commercial Conveyancing Team has years of experience when it comes to advising clients, both landlords and tenants, regarding their respective obligations in respect of altering and repairing commercial premises.

If a tenant wishes to make alterations to a commercial property, this will normally require the consent of the landlord. The process by which this consent is obtained is known as an application for a “Licence for Alterations”. The licence will act as a record of all alterations made to the property, ensuring that the interests of the landlord and any other tenants are protected. Whether consent is required for an alteration will be determined by the scope of the work being carried out, and by the terms of the lease. The specialist Commercial Conveyancing Solicitors can advise on an application for a Licence for Alterations, ensuring that any changes are legal and benefit both landlord and tenant.

Leases will also commonly include clauses requiring tenants to carry out repairs on a commercial property, and these can be a source of dispute between landlord and tenant. These clauses can be challenging to interpret and result in substantial costs for those required to cover repair costs. Wilford Smith’s Commercial Conveyancing Team can offer expert guidance on any issue relating to repairs obligations for commercial properties.
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