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The litigation solicitors at Wilford Smith understand that commercial clients can face a wide variety of challenges when it comes to owning, renting or leasing commercial property. Property law can be highly complex, with legal disputes of this kind acting as a significant distraction for business owners and landlords. They can also result in substantial anxiety and frustration for those involved, with vast sums of money at stake and the potential for severe damage to your business’s reputation if you do not achieve the right result.

When we take instruction from commercial clients, we aim to settle disputes in the most straightforward manner available – our objective is to achieve consensus through negotiation and mediation to save you time, money and stress. If this is not possible, our solicitors will not hesitate in developing the most robust strategy to achieve your desired outcome through the courts. Our skills in advocacy and litigation are highly regarded, and we can call on the support of leading barristers should your case require it.

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Our expertise

The commercial property dispute solicitors at Wilford Smith work with a diverse range of commercial clients including:

Financial institutions
Property managers
Educational establishments

Commercial lease disputes

We can assist clients in respect of a comprehensive range of commercial lease issues. Our solicitors can advise on opposed and unopposed lease renewals, forfeiture and lease surrender, disclaimers and exercising your rights as a landlord or leaseholder.

Schedules of dilapidations can easily lead to commercial property disputes, with issues relating to disrepairs commonly arising when a lease is terminated. We can provide clear guidance in respect of your rights and obligations when it comes to dilapidations disputes and have a proven track record in helping clients negotiate substantial reductions in respect of dilapidations claims.
Forfeiture and possession proceedings

We can offer clear, jargon-free advice for clients looking to end a commercial lease, providing reliable advice regarding your options and helping to guide you towards a successful outcome quickly and without the need for costly court proceedings. Our solicitors can support you to initiate commercial forfeiture action by way of peaceable re-entry, enabling you to re-take possession of your property in circumstances where commercial tenants fail to pay rent or service charges.
CRAR and service charge recovery

The commercial property dispute solicitors at Wilford Smith will work on your behalf to resolve disputes arising from non-payment of rent or service charges. We can also provide guidance on CRAR procedures, which must be followed by commercial landlords when collecting unpaid commercial rent.
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Our commercial property dispute lawyers have a well-earned reputation for excellence in this area, regularly providing strategic, proactive advice for commercial clients across England and Wales. We have experience across a broad range of sectors, working with businesses of all sizes to resolve their disputes quickly and efficiently. Our commercial property solicitors are innovative, responsive and commercially-focused in their approach and will develop solutions that are uniquely tailored to your business and dispute.

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