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Investment fraud encompasses a wide range of offences and may be perpetrated in a number of ways, including via the internet and through brokers or agents.

Wilford Smith Solicitors’s Criminal Defence Team has extensive experience in defending clients in relation to all types of investment fraud, offering representation that is uniquely client-focused, exceptionally strategic and results-driven. Our Fraud Solicitors are committed to providing you with the most robust defence, and to developing a top-level strategy to ensure the best possible outcome for you in any case.

The common trait amongst all types of investment fraud is the targeting of potential investors in the hope that they part with their money on the promise of attractive returns. Examples of schemes used in the carrying out of investment fraud include advanced fee fraud and boiler room fraud. The former occurs when victims are required to make up-front payments for goods or services that are never delivered, while the latter is a form of unlicensed share dealing whereby a salesperson acts as a stockbroker and convinces investors to buy shares in companies that are worthless or near bankruptcy. Other common investment schemes are land banking schemes and Ponzi schemes, which are treated with the utmost seriousness by authorities. If you are accused of perpetrating any type of investment fraud, speaking to a solicitor in Wilford Smith Solicitors’s Fraud Team at the earliest possible stage of any investigation can be vital in protecting your position.
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