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Many of us will be concerned about our ability to make decisions for ourselves as we get older. In the unfortunate event that someone is diagnosed with a serious illness, or if they suffer a life-changing injury as a result of an accident, the result can be a loss of capacity.

This can be a very upsetting experience for all involved, but the Estate Planning Solicitors at Wilford Smith can provide sensitive and effective support and guidance at this difficult time.

In circumstances where a person is deemed to no longer have capacity, the Court of Protection plays an important role in making sure that the person’s interests are protected. In most cases, this will be done by authorising the appointment of a deputy to manage the welfare or the property and affairs of someone who is no longer able to do so. A deputy may be a lay deputy, such as a family member or friend, or a professional deputy. The Court of Protection will issue an order appointing the deputy and setting out their powers.

If you are planning to apply to be appointed as a deputy, the Estate Planning Solicitors at Wilford Smith can advise you throughout the application process, or act as professional deputies if there is not a suitable person to carry out this role.

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