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Employers face a broad range of challenges when it comes to running their business and managing their workforce. As employment regulations continue to evolve, mistakes can prove costly for employers in the modern workplace. Having the support of an employment solicitor who can ensure your policies and contracts are in line with current laws is crucial.

Wilford Smith’s employment law team can offer practical advice to help you effectively manage your employees and reduce the risk of disputes and litigation. Contact us today.

Employment Solicitors

There are various reasons why you could be looking for an employment lawyer. If you are considering buying a new business and have to undertake employment-related due diligence, you can instruct one of our solicitors to identify any potential issues from the outset. At Wilford Smith, our employment lawyers can also provide support to those looking to manage employee exits, helping you avoid disputes and litigation emerging as a consequence.

As an employer, handling disputes in the workplace can be both time-consuming and expensive. With years of experience advising all types of business owners, our lawyers take a commercially-focused approach to help prevent unnecessary and disruptive claims arising. In cases where a tribunal claim is unavoidable, we will provide representation of the highest quality and work tirelessly on your behalf to reduce the impact on your business.

Our solicitors can assist with all employment law matters, including:

Discrimination at work defence

If one of your employees has accused you of discrimination in the workplace, our employment lawyers are here to conduct a robust and strategic defence. This is a complex area of employment law, but we will guide you through every stage to ensure your interests and your business’s reputation are protected.

There are different types of discrimination claims that can be brought against you as an employer. At Wilford Smith, we can assist with:

Employment Tribunal representation

The vast majority of employment-related legal cases – including unfair dismissal, discrimination and redundancy claims – are dealt with at Employment Tribunals. We regularly act for employers at Tribunals, providing advice and representation to put forward the strongest defence possible. We have experience in both interim and final Tribunal hearings and can handle your case from the outset until its conclusion. Should your case require it, we can call on the support of some of the county’s top barristers to provide you with the best chance of a successful outcome.

Contact our Employment Solicitors

Wilford Smith’s employment lawyers have a well-earned reputation for delivering reliable and proactive advice for employers across all commercial sectors. To arrange an initial appointment, speak to a member of our employment law team today by calling 0808 164 1028 or complete our enquiry form.