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If HMRC suspect that you may have committed tax fraud, investigators are likely to ask you to attend an interview under caution. Investigators will take a ruthless approach in these interviews, seeking to extract information that will confirm any suspected wrongdoing or that contradicts independent information already in their possession. The Tax Fraud Solicitors at Wilford Smith, with many years of experience acting for clients asked to attend interviews under caution with HMRC, can provide expert legal guidance at this time. Our lawyers can help you avoid the pitfalls during these interviews that may result in your case proceeding to court, helping to achieve the best result for you and making sure that interviews are carried out in a fair and proper manner.

Because these interviews take place under caution it is absolutely essential to have legal representation. During an interview under caution you have the right to remain silent when asked questions. An interview under caution will be recorded and a transcript will be made available to the court if a prosecution is forthcoming. If you subsequently mention something in court that supports your defence, but you did not mention this during an interview, adverse inferences may be drawn. Wilford Smith's Tax Fraud Lawyers can provide you with guidance, help you protect your position and to offer the most robust defence possible.

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