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Health and safety legislation creates legal duties and obligations for individuals and companies across all commercial sectors, with employers potentially finding themselves liable for any harm caused on their premises. If you are the subject of a health and safety investigation, the consequences can be extremely damaging. For minor breaches, enforcement procedures such as improvement notices or prohibition notices may result, but serious breaches may lead to criminal prosecutions, with substantial fines or prison sentences for those convicted. If an incident happens in your workplace, you will find yourself in a situation that is complex and rapidly-developing, and you will need to act quickly to protect yourself and your business.

The Regulatory and Compliance Lawyers at Wilford Smith, with a comprehensive knowledge of health and safety legislation, can provide industry-specific advice if you are the subject of a criminal prosecution as a result of regulatory breaches. Our lawyers appear in court regularly and are renowned for their skills in advocacy and litigation, and are able to call on the support of the highest calibre barristers. The service we provide is uniquely client-focused, offering you clear, straightforward advice to achieve the best possible result. Whatever your situation, our team of specialist solicitors are available to guide you through any investigation, from the initial incident to resolution.

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