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The Serious Crime Act 2015 completely changed the way third parties are treated in respect of confiscation proceedings.

Prior to this legislation being enacted, third parties had no right to make representations during a defendant’s confiscation proceedings to declare an interest in property that might have been subject to confiscation, only being able to do so if they were called as a witness by the defendant or at the later enforcement stage. Now, third parties have the right to be represented during confiscation proceedings at which time they can argue that money or property held by the defendant is theirs and should be returned to them.

If you are a third party with an interest in confiscation proceedings it is vital that you get the right legal advice at the earliest stage. Wilford Smith's team of specialist solicitors can help you negotiate this at times complicated and confusing process, providing you with expert legal advice in a way that is clear, straight-forward and jargon-free. We can act on your behalf to persuade the court of your interest in the property in question, making sure that relevant information is made available within the strict time limits that will be set.

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