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The Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) 2002 makes it a criminal offence for anyone to use any property, including money, goods or shares, that has been obtained as a result of criminal activity.

According to POCA, the court can decide if any assets or property that you own have been accrued as a result of criminal behaviour. If you cannot demonstrate that these have come into your possession by legitimate means, a confiscation order may be made by the court.

Under Part 6 of POCA, the National Crime Agency (NCA), which is the body responsible for tackling organised crime in the UK and bringing to justice criminals seen to pose the most significant risk to the general public, can assume the powers of HMRC tax inspectors. The NCA can then attempt to recover unpaid tax if there are suspicions that income or capital gains have been earned as a result of criminal activity.

The Criminal Defence Solicitors at Wilford Smith are experienced in acting on behalf of those whose assets have been confiscated, or who are facing confiscation proceedings of any kind. We will work on your behalf to take a ruthless approach in challenging all aspects of a Confiscation Order from the initial application through to enforcement. We are well aware how distressing recovery proceedings can be and will endeavour to provide you with clear, sympathetic, straight-forward advice throughout.

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