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If you are accused of breaching the UK’s money laundering regulations, it is vital that you seek expert legal advice as early as possible in order to conduct a robust defence to any charges that may be forthcoming.

With significant changes having taken place following the introduction of the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017, it is easier than ever to become inadvertently caught up in an investigation. The Fraud Specialists at Wilford Smith are experts in advising on money laundering investigations, providing guidance and representation for both directors and employees who find themselves unexpectedly involved, either as witnesses or suspects, in the investigation process.

Money laundering describes the processes used to disguise the origins of money that has been derived as a consequence of criminal activity, making it appear that this has been earned as a consequence of legitimate business practices. The 2017 Regulations place obligations on businesses such as accountants and estate agents to implement safeguards to protect against money laundering. Businesses are required to carry out customer due diligence, to keep customer records, and to have in place policies and procedures to monitor unusual financial activity. With many years’ experience advising clients in relation to money laundering allegations, Wilford Smith can provide you with legal guidance of the highest calibre, delivered in a way which is clear, straight-forward and jargon-free.

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