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If you have been the victim of fraud this can be a very distressing experience, not to mention an extremely damaging one financially.

The Fraud Solicitors at Wilford Smith are on hand to provide clear, sympathetic, straight-forward advice to help you recover lost sums and ensure that those responsible are brought to justice. Our skills extend to carrying out covert internal fraud investigations to establish if and how fraud is being carried out, to identify those involved and to quantify the extent of any losses. Our extensive experience means that we know the tools available to the courts and the best way to recover losses in an effective and efficient manner, and our exceptional advocacy and litigation skills mean that we are excellently placed to represent you in any proceedings.

Wilford Smith's fraud team regularly acts on behalf of victims who have lost money as a result of many different types of fraud. These include individuals who have inadvertently become involved in boiler room schemes, Ponzi schemes or other types of investment fraud, identity fraud, cyber crime or credit card fraud, as well as businesses that discover an employee has been stealing company money. No matter the type of fraud involved, the lawyers at Wilford Smith will take a meticulous and ruthless approach in helping you recover your assets.

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