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For those accused of serious fraud offences the consequences for their personal and professional lives can be catastrophic, with courts regularly handing down substantial custodial sentences following a conviction.

The tackling of serious fraud comes within the remit of the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), which works closely with the police and other law enforcement agencies including the National Crime Agency (NCA), HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). These bodies vigorously pursue those who commit these offences. If you become aware that you are the subject of an investigation into serious fraud, getting the best legal representation immediately is essential. Wilford Smith's Fraud Solicitors, with an impeccable reputation for their litigation and advocacy skills, will take a meticulous approach in preparing your case, defending your position throughout any investigation as well as in court, should criminal charges result.

Serious fraud cases are notoriously challenging to defend, with these cases being prosecuted by specially trained lawyers with experience in dealing with complex financial cases. However, the Fraud Solicitors at Wilford Smith have extensive experience successfully acting on behalf of clients in these types of cases thanks to their thorough understanding of the corporate and financial sectors. We have the required skills, knowledge and determination to ruthlessly develop a top-level strategy on the client's behalf, ensuring the best outcome in any case.

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