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If you have committed a serious offence, the consequences of this may extend well beyond a conviction and a period of imprisonment.

The court can impose additional restrictions in the form of Serious Crime Prevention Orders (SCPOs), which are intended to limit the chances of the individual in question committing offences in the future. These orders can be hugely detrimental, putting in place restrictions which can still have effect years after you have finished serving your sentence. The specialist Fraud Solicitors at Wilford Smith have the skills, knowledge and determination to vigorously challenge an application for an SCPO on your behalf. By instructing one of our experienced Criminal Defence Lawyers you can be sure that you will receive exceptional legal advice delivered in a way that is clear, straight-forward and jargon-free as part of our uniquely client-focused service.

An SCPO can be made against an individual, corporate body, partnership or unincorporated association, lasting for up to five years if the court has reasonable grounds for believing that the public would be protected by its implementation. A SCPO will put in place prohibitions, restrictions and requirements relating to a number of areas, including an individual's financial and business dealings, or a company's holdings and business dealings. Breach of an SCPO can result in a fine or custodial sentence. If you believe you may be made subject to an SCPO, Wilford Smith's Fraud Solicitors can offer essential legal guidance at this time.

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