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If you have been accused of procurement fraud, it is essential to seek legal representation as soon as possible.

With substantial cuts being made to spending in both the public and private sector, greater scrutiny than ever is being paid to the way in which work is outsourced. The dedicated team of Fraud Solicitors at Wilford Smith are experts in handling cases involving allegations of serious fraud and are on hand to advise you on the best strategy to defend yourself against criminal charges and damage to your reputation and that of your business.

Procurement fraud takes place in the context of commercial transactions whereby a company purchases goods or services, or commissions the carrying out of a commercial contract from a third-party business. In pursuit of this, a tendering process is undertaken to ensure transparency in the awarding of the contract. An investigation into procurement fraud may arise if there are suspicions that the tendering process has not taken place in a fair manner. Common examples of procurement fraud are when an employee uses company money intended to pay a third-party business by instead carrying out the work themselves, or when an individual has a personal interest in a third-party business and chooses to award a contract to that company. If you find yourself the subject of a procurement fraud investigation, Wilford Smith can provide you with clear, straight-forward, jargon-free legal advice to help you protect your personal position.

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