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The Fraud Solicitors at Wilford Smith are experienced in representing clients in all types of fraud cases, from large-scale commercial fraud to those perpetrated against private individuals involving much smaller sums.

An example of the latter is postal fraud. If you are accused of engaging in such practices, our criminal defence team can help by providing you with sophisticated and astute legal advice to conduct a robust defence in respect of any accusations made against you. Should your case proceed to court, Wilford Smith's solicitors are excellently placed to represent you, with an enviable reputation for advocacy and litigation skills.

Postal fraud can take many forms, but the intention is always to extract money by way of deception by using the mail system. Examples include fake prize or lottery draws, investment scams, get-rich-quick schemes, pyramid selling and bogus health cures. Competition scams are a particularly common form of postal fraud, with individuals being informed that they have won a prize in a draw that they are not aware of having entered. Often, they will be required to send money before this prize can be claimed, after which no prize is delivered. With criminal charges likely to follow an investigation into postal fraud, it is vital that you get the right legal advice at the earliest possible stage.

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