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If you have an illness or disability that makes it difficult for you to get around, and you receive benefits to pay for additional support as a result, you can use this to pay for a car through the Motability Scheme. This is a service that allows people to lease a vehicle, such as a car or mobility scooter, to enable disabled people to enjoy a level of freedom they wouldn't otherwise be able to.

Unfortunately, this scheme is open to abuse, and those found to have misused their motability vehicle can face serious consequences. If you find yourself in this position, the Fraud Solicitors at Wilford Smith can provide you with clear, sympathetic, straight-forward advice to support you to successfully defend yourself against accusations of mobility fraud.

There are restrictions placed upon how and by whom a motability vehicle can be used, which must generally be for the benefit of the disabled person and only by a named driver. Examples of misuse include:

  • Not giving the disabled person the benefit of the vehicle
  • Driving while banned or uninsured
  • Using the vehicle to commit a criminal offence
  • Lending, sub-leasing or selling the vehicle
  • Using the vehicle in the course of unauthorised business, e.g. as a taxi or delivery vehicle

If you are reported for misusing your vehicle, speak to a lawyer from Wilford Smith for exceptional legal advice immediately.

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