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If you work in the financial sector and find yourself accused of having engaged in the mis-selling of financial products, the Criminal Defence Solicitors at Wilford Smith are on hand to support you.

At Wilford Smith, our many years spent practising in this area have taught us that clients will be deeply concerned about the impact that an investigation into mis-selling will have on their reputation and that of their business. As such, we make it our priority to provide expert legal advice in a way that is clear, straight-forward and jargon-free to keep you fully informed about the ongoing investigation process and the options available to you as part of our exceptionally client-focused and highly personal service.

Financial mis-selling can take many forms, such as when an individual is not given suitable advice about a financial product, investment risks are not clearly explained or when investors are sold a financial product that is not suitable for them. Two of the most commonly mis-sold financial products are pensions and mortgages, often when advice fails to take into account an individual’s circumstances or when the risks associated with investments are not made clear. With a thorough understanding of the financial sector, Wilford Smith’s Fraud Solicitors are best placed to defend you in any action involving alleged mis-selling.

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