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Land banking fraud is an offence that is increasingly coming under scrutiny by City of London Police and other prosecuting authorities who seek to undermine fraudulent practices taking place in the UK’s financial markets.

Wilford Smith’s Criminal Defence Team has extensive experience in defending clients in such cases, offering unique representation that is exceptionally strategic and results driven. Our Fraud Team is committed to providing a client-focused and highly personal service, and to developing a top-level strategy to ensure the best possible outcome for you in any case.

Land banking fraud, which is seen to share many characteristics with boiler room fraud, takes place when investors are led to believe that land that they are being offered for investment purposes will significantly increase in value. Those perpetrating this crime often insist that the land in question is in an area that has been earmarked for substantial investment, or that there has been a declared intention for development in this or surrounding areas. In reality, no such development will be planned, and in some cases the land may not even exist or may not even be owned by the individual attempting to sell it. The experienced Fraud Solicitors at Wilford Smith are experts in defending clients accused of engaging in land banking fraud, and will work tirelessly on your behalf to conduct the most robust defence possible to any charges.

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