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The Criminal Defence Team at Wilford Smith has expert Fraud Solicitors who specialise in defending individuals and businesses accused of participating in fraudulent investment schemes.

Clients accused of committing this offence are generally operators in the financial services industry, and it is not uncommon for innocent traders to become inadvertently embroiled in such accusations. As with any investigation into fraudulent financial practices, it is vital that legal representation is sought at the earliest opportunity to successfully ward off any potential prosecution and to be able to conduct an effective and robust defence should the case proceed to court.

One of the most commonly investigated fraudulent investment schemes are Ponzi schemes, whereby investors are encouraged to sink substantial capital with the promise of high returns over a short period. Investigations into such practices are carried out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA's wide-ranging powers are used to investigate businesses or professional individuals in relation to breaches of financial codes of conduct, with those convicted of fraudulent financial practices potentially facing a custodial sentence or substantial fines, while the damage to the reputations of the business and individuals involved can be serious. Wilford Smith's team of Fraud Experts has a thorough understanding of the corporate and financial sectors and a strong track record for providing high-quality representation tailored to our clients' needs.

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