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If you find yourself under investigation for insurance fraud, the Criminal Defence Team at Wilford Smith can offer a professional and discrete service to protect your position and to ensure that your reputation is also protected.

Being subject to a fraud investigation can be an intimidating experience; it is vital that you have sophisticated and astute legal expertise at hand in order to conduct a robust defence to any charges. Wilford Smith’s solicitors have many years’ experience in providing legal representation in relation to all types of financial crime, and can provide the strongest defence on behalf of those who are subject to accusations of insurance fraud.

Insurance fraud encompasses any act which is carried out with the intention of defrauding an insurer, for example by deliberately causing an event to facilitate an insurance payment, or by falsifying facts to obtain a payout from an insurer when one would not otherwise be forthcoming. One of the most common forms of this offence is domestic insurance fraud, when false or exaggerated claims are made in relation to a home insurance policy. A second common form of insurance fraud involves motor insurance, whereby a driver deliberately causes a crash in order to make a claim, or exaggerates the injuries caused to those travelling in the vehicle following an accident. No matter your circumstances, Wilford Smith can provide guidance at all stages of an insurance fraud investigation.

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