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If you find yourself subject to allegations of illegal money lending you need to be sure that you can rely on the advice of a solicitor experienced in defending cases of this type.

The Fraud Defence Team at Wilford Smith can advise you on the best way to conduct the most robust defence to any allegations made against you, and to any charges that may follow. We know how disruptive and distressing a criminal investigation can be and we will ensure that you are given clear, sympathetic and straight-forward advice as part of our exceptionally client-focused and highly personal service.

Consumer credit activities aimed at individuals, regardless of whether interest is charged, generally require authorisation. However illegal money lending operates outside any regulatory framework. Having taken over the regulation of the consumer credit industry from the Office of Fair Trading, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) now has responsibility for investigating allegations of illegal money lending. The FCA has extensive powers which enable it to compel the production of evidence and documentation, to seek compulsory interviews, to search an individual's home or business premises and to seize items including computers and electronic devices. With a strong track record of defending clients in relation to FCA prosecutions, the Fraud Solicitors at Wilford Smith can provide expert legal guidance from the initial stages of an investigation.

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