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Recent figures suggest that over ten billion pounds of tax revenue are lost annually as a result of the illicit market in alcohol in the UK.

As a consequence, authorities are more determined than ever in targeting those who trade in these goods. If you are accused of being involved in the sale of illegal alcohol, the Fraud Solicitors at Wilford Smith are here to help. We specialise in providing legal representation in relation to all types of fraud, offering clients a service that is both strategic and ruthless in pursuit of the best outcome in every case. We have the required skills, knowledge and determination to develop a top-level strategy on your behalf, offering representation that is uniquely tailored to your needs.

There are a number of circumstances in which an individual could find themselves the subject of an investigation relating to the trade in illegal alcohol. One of the most common is the practice of replacing branded spirits with illegal alternatives, while in other cases alcohol may be illegally imported into the UK without the appropriate duties being paid. A conviction for either can have a devastating impact on you and your business, so you should consult an experienced fraud solicitor at the earliest stage if you become the subject of an investigation relating to the sale of illegal alcohol.

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