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If you are accused by your employer of committing fraud, the personal and professional consequences can be devastating, with the risk of professional disciplinary action, unemployment or even a criminal conviction.

Wilford Smith’s Fraud Solicitors have a wealth of experience when it comes to supporting you in cases involving alleged fraud, bribery and dishonesty in the workplace. We can provide expert legal guidance if you are subject to an investigation by your employer, law enforcement agencies or by a regulatory body, helping you to protect your career and your reputation.

Workplace fraud can take many forms, ranging from small-scale fraud such as over-claiming on a monthly expenses form to substantial organised fraud that can result in an employer losing huge sums of money or even going out of business. With incidences of employee fraud having increased notably in the last decade, employers have been encouraged to put in place more effective controls to verify the work history of new employees and monitor those currently employed by them. As such, it is now easier than ever to find yourself subject to accusations of employee fraud. If you become aware that you are the subject of an investigation you should contact a solicitor immediately. Wilford Smith's Criminal Defence Lawyers can provide clear, sympathetic, and straight-forward advice to reassure you, and to help you conduct the most robust defence possible.

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