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Recent years have seen a substantial increase in the number of reported incidences of misrepresentation and forgery of academic credentials.

As a consequence, since 2015 the Department of Education has taken a particularly vigorous approach in targeting education fraud in England and Wales. If you have been accused of engaging in education fraud the experienced Criminal Defence Solicitors at Wilford Smith are excellently placed to conduct a comprehensive and robust defence on your behalf. Our lawyers have an exceptional reputation when it comes to handling fraud cases, providing clients with a service that is exceptionally strategic and results-driven whatever the circumstances.

The term ‘education fraud' includes crimes committed in relation to the provision of higher education qualifications, with these types of offences covered by legislation relating to fraud, forgery, copyright and trademark infringement. Offences will normally fall into one of three broad categories: fake universities and degree mills; bogus certificate websites; and individual fraud offences. Those involved often make large sums of money through enrolment fees, premium phone line charges and course fees in exchange for providing degrees and associated documentation that appear to be authentic but are, in fact, from unaccredited educational institutions. In many cases, prosecutions will be pursued under the Fraud Act 2006, with substantial financial penalties and prison sentences following a conviction.

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