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An effective defence against allegations of construction industry fraud requires expert legal representation from solicitors experienced in handling serious fraud cases.

The Criminal Defence Solicitors at Wilford Smith have a proven track record in successfully acting on behalf of clients who find themselves in this position, with a reputation for meticulous planning, strategic thinking and taking a ruthless approach to advocacy and litigation. Due to the substantial challenges faced by the construction industry in the wake of the financial crash, this sector has come under increased focus from regulators and prosecuting authorities hoping to uncover fraudulent practices. With a remarkable drive and attention to detail, Wilford Smith's Fraud Team has the skills required to protect you and your business should you be subject to accusations of construction industry fraud.

Construction industry fraud is a wide area of the law, however the common trait is often the making of improper gains by contractors. The offences involved may include VAT fraud, bribery by way of cash payments or bogus “consultancy fees”, or market manipulation in the form of cartel-style arrangements or courtesy bidding/”cover price” arrangements, whereby a contractor deliberately puts in a higher bid for a contract as a result of an agreement with another contractor. Wilford Smith’s solicitors are experienced in handling a broad range of fraud cases and can provide legal expertise whatever the nature of your circumstances.

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