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If you are suspected of conspiring to defraud HMRC by failing to pay tax owed, the Criminal Defence team at Wilford Smith can offer a professional and discrete service, working tirelessly to defend you against such accusations, while at the same time seeking to ensure that your reputation is protected.

In many cases, HMRC will deal with instances of tax fraud by using civil fraud investigation proceedings, however in cases where the fraudulent conduct involved is of a particularly serious nature, or where it is believed that there exists a need to send a strong deterrent message, HMRC will pursue criminal prosecutions.

To protect your position, Wilford Smith's Criminal Defence Team will use its skills, knowledge and determination to ruthlessly develop a top-level strategy on your behalf. A conspiracy involves two or more persons agreeing to carry out an illegal act, or agreeing to carry out a legal act by unlawful means. In relation to conspiracy to defraud, the former applies. It is not necessary that the conspirators actually defrauded a third party, merely that they agreed to carry it out. If you become aware that you are the subject of an investigation into conspiracy to defraud, you should consult a solicitor with experience in handling these complex types of tax cases as soon as possible.

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