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Those under investigation for boiler room fraud require the highest quality legal representation in order to prevent any charges from following. The financial sector is now subject to greater scrutiny than ever, with the number of prosecutions for fraudulent practice increasing significantly in recent years.

By instructing a solicitor form Wilford Smith’s Fraud Team you can be sure that you will receive the best possible advice on how to defend yourself from allegations of fraud, with our lawyers taking a ruthless and meticulous approach to make sure your reputation and that of your business remain untainted.

Boiler room fraud is a particularly serious form of unlicensed share dealing which often occurs when a salesperson acts as a stockbroker and convinces investors to buy shares in companies that are worthless or near bankruptcy, and in some cases companies that do not exist at all. Those accused of boiler room fraud will in many cases be unaware of the fraudulent nature of these sales, having been recruited to their role by senior individuals who oversee these schemes. Investigations into boiler room fraud will normally be led by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which has at its disposal extensive powers to investigate and prosecute this crime. If you find yourself subject to such an investigation, the Fraud Defence Solicitors can provide the support you need to conduct the most robust defence on your behalf.

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