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Our Fraud Solicitors can provide you with top-quality legal advice to construct an effective and robust defence should you find yourself subject to allegations of art or antique fraud.

Wilford Smith's team of expert Criminal Defence Lawyers will begin their meticulous planning of your defence from the earliest stage of an investigation, giving you the best legal guidance delivered in a way that is clear, straight-forward and jargon-free as part of our exceptionally client-focused service. Should your case proceed to court, we are expertly placed to lead your defence, being renowned for our litigation and advocacy skills.

Art and antique fraud is a wide-ranging offence, covering fraudulent acts involving valuable pieces of art and those considered to be antique. Opportunities to commit this type of fraud occur through the purchase, sale, theft and forgery of these items, with individuals often becoming involved with this offence because they are unaware of an item's true value. The law relating to fraud is complex, but to be convicted, a defendant must be shown to have consciously acted dishonestly, made gains as a consequence of another's loss and made representations to this effect. Wilford Smith's Fraud Defence Solicitors understand the catastrophic effect that an accusation of art or antique fraud can have on your business and will work tirelessly to protect your personal and professional reputation.

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