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Wilford Smith’s Fraud Lawyers are experts when it comes to defending our clients against accusations of advanced fee fraud.

Offering a service that is exceptionally client-focused, our Criminal Defence Team can provide you with the best possible legal advice delivered in a way that is clear, straight-forward and jargon-free. If you are accused of participating in fraudulent financial practices, it is essential that you seek legal representation at the earliest possible opportunity. Doing so can prove vital in successfully challenging any prosecution, as well as provide a sound footing for conducting an effective defence should your case proceed to court.

Advanced fee fraud is a type of investment fraud where victims are required to make up-front payments for goods or services, often on the basis that substantial financial benefits will then follow. The promised benefits then fail to materialise, leaving victims considerably out of pocket. A common example is when a letter or email is sent to the victim providing an elaborate explanation as to why the fraudster requires their assistance, usually to get money out of a foreign country. This assistance requires them to provide bank details and pay a fee, however the funds promised are never transferred. If you find yourself under investigation for such activity, the Fraud Solicitors at Wilford Smith have the required skills and expertise to defend you.

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