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The Criminal Defence Solicitors at Wilford Smith Solicitors are committed to providing an incredibly high-level service. If you are accused of committing pension fraud we will take a ruthless approach to developing a top-level strategy for you, one that is exceptionally strategic and results-driven.

Those convicted of pension fraud can expect severe punishments, including custodial sentences, substantial fines and irreversible damage to their reputation. Regardless of the background to your case, by instructing a specialist Fraud Solicitor from the Wilford Smith Solicitors Criminal Defence Team you can be sure that you will receive clear, straight-forward advice as part of our client-focused and highly personal service.

Pension fraud can take many forms, including the diverting of employee pension payments into another account, stealing money from pension funds, obtaining fraudulent payments by creating fake employees, and the mis-selling of personal pensions. Due to the complex nature of financial crimes such as pension fraud you need to be sure that you are relying on the very best legal advice available. The expert Fraud Lawyers at Wilford Smith Solicitors are well versed in the provisions contained in the Fraud Act 2006 and related legislation, which are the basis for conducting an effective defence to allegations of fraud. We have a proven track record in successfully defending clients in such cases.
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